New Glass Now exhibition CMOG 2019-2020

   New Glass Now, Corning Museum Of Glass, 12 May 2019-5 January, 2020,curator   Susie J. Silbert

A global survey designed to the show the breadth and depth of contemporary glassmaking, the exhibition will feature objects, installations, videos, and performances made in the last three years by 100 artists of 32 nationalities working in more then 25 countries.


"If you thirst for a homeland and seek shelter in its bosom, love it and live in its mountains and valleys, its flora and fauna" (Homeland Plants – A Survey of Their Life, Injuries and Diseases  , Yavne Publishers  ,  1965)                                            Flame worked glass, black letter set, felt, wood base and plexiglass cover, Display case 67 x 60 x 19 cm  |  26.4 x 23.6 x 7.5 inches  |  H x W x D , 2017

The series "Home Land Plants" consists of assemblages, replicas of plants from Israel – twigs, blossoms, seeds – in front of white felt backgrounds that are imprinted with quotations from a guide to Israel’s flora. Each plant has its own cultural and iconographic meaning.                                                                                  The glass plants which are easily mistaken for real, as the mimetic act is performed to its fullness, belong to the flora of Jerusalem that is part of Kaffeman’s childhood landscape and memories. The glass plants are presented in the manner of Botanic books, set against not a blank paper but white felt “pillow-like” backgrounds. These pillows are not blank but stamped with parts of the opening paragraph of the book “Home Land Plants” by Joseph Carmin from 1968 that surveys the plants of Israel. The text puts forward the love of the motherland with the knowledge of the local flora and animals. This connection has been an intrinsic part of the European movement for nationality of which Zionism has grown and formed.

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