Collecting Contemporary Glass, Art and Design after 1990 from the Corning Museum of Glass| By Tina Oldknow| Corning Museum of Glass | 2015

Art out of the flame – Contemporary lamp work in Europe | by Heidi Höhn and Andre Gutgesell (foreword Dr. Clementine  von Schack | Coburg Museum Publication | 2014


 glassy eyed but in a very good way | by Cate McQuaid | Boston Globe |February 1, 2017

Glass, Needles and Pins | Kunst von Kaffeman und Levenson sticht ins Herz | | by Susanne Weller | 25 April 2016

Abwurf der Kartoffelkafer | Der Tagesspiegel | Michael Nungesser | 6 July 2013

Ich zähle bis Eins und falle in den Schlaf
Meike Jansen | taz | June 06

Einst Inbegriff des Biedermeier, wird das Stickbild in der
Gegenwartskunst zum Spiegel einer widersprüchlichen Welt
  Susanne Schreiber | Welkunst | Nr. 77 | September 2013

AVIVA | Madeleine Jeschke and Sharon Adler| August 2013

Six female artists,one dizzying show | Kriston Capps | The Washington Post | 13 February, 2011

The Washington Examiner | 22 February, 2011

Mantis Relgiosa | Judische Zeitung n. 53 | Dirk Hohwieler | Berlin | July 2010

Strak im Sekundarmarkt | Gerhard Charles Rump | DIE WELT | Berlin | Jan 20, 2007

Los flamencos no comen Revue | recherché et Creation – Numero 11 | 2007

Ein Wolf zum Verlieben | Andrea Hilgenstock | DIE WELT | Berlin | Jul 21, 2006

Persische Cyclamen | Meike Jansen |  Taz | Berlin | Jul 05, 2006

The London Times | by Grayson Perry | Feb 08, 2006

What on Earth | by Harvest Henderson | The Oregonian |Portland |  June 03, 2005

Het Parool | by Marina de Vries | NL | Jun 29, 2000

Great Freedom in Glass | by Maria Olson | Barometren | Sweden |  Jul 22, 1999

Telegraaf | by Paola van Velde | Jan 14, 1999 | NL

Articles in Professional Magazines:

Without Camouflage Review | Prof William Janis (Art History Indiana Art University)| Glass Quarterly | fall 2015Without Camouflage review[1]_1

Flameworked glass-Revived | Uwe Claassen | NewGlass-NeuesGlas | winter 2013

The Code Breaker (front page)| Andrew Page | Glass Quarterly | summer 2011

Dafna Kaffeman: A Poetess in Glass | Clementine Schack von Wittenau | NewGlass-NeuesGlas | winter 2010040_045_Kaffeeman.024_029[1]

Dafna Kaffeman, Mantis Relgiosa  | Manuel Fadat | La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre # 174 | France | Sep- Oct 2010

New Glass Review 29 | Corning Museum of Glass | Corning, NY | USA | 2008

Le pouvoir symbolique des fleurs de verre | Manuel Fadat | La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre # 150   | France | Sep-Oct 2006

Important new acquisitions at the Corning Museum of Glass | New Glass Review 26 | Corning, NY | USA | 2006

Le Verre au Chalmeau | by Evelyn Hadge | Matiers d'Art | Nov/Dec, 2006

Jutta-Cuny-Franz Memorial Award | by Dr. Helmut Ricke | NewGlass-NeuesGlas | Fall 2005

New Glass Review 26 | Corning Museum of Glass | Corning, NY | USA | 2005

The Glass Menagerie | by Varda Chechick | AT Magazine | Issue 546 | Nov 2004

New Glass Review 25 | Corning Museum of Glass | Corning, NY | USA | 2004

Zucchini zur Poesie | Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung | Germany | May 27, 2003

five young talents | by Dr. Franz Jeursen | NewGlass-NeuesGlas | Summer 2002


Without Camouflage, joined catalogs for solo exhibitions of Dafna Kaffeman and Silvia Levenson, Published by David Owsley Museum of Arts, Ball State University, IN, USA, 2014.WithoutCamoFinalApril2014

Exhibition catalogue | Ministry of culture prize exhibition | Petach Tikva museum | Israel | 2012 | published by Petach Tikva museum

Exhibition catalogue | In the Name of Love | Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung | Germany | 2011 | published by Gesamtherstellung und Vertrieb , Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld , Germany

Solo exhibition catalogue | Mantis Relgiosa | lorch+seidel contemporary | Berlin | Germany | 2010 | published by lorch+seidel contemporary

Exhibition catalogue | Glas(s) : Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam 1969-2009 | Museum Den Haag | NL | 2009 | published by Waanders Uitgevers Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Exhibition catalogue | On The Edge | Stavanger | Norway | 2008

Solo exhibition catalogue | PERSIAN CYCLAMEN | lorch+seidel contemporary | Berlin | Germany | 2006 | published by lorch+seidel contemporary

Exhibition catalogue | COLLECT | London | 2006 | published by Craft Council England

Exhibition catalogue | Pricked: Extreme Embroidery | MAD Museum | New York | USA | 2007 | published by Museum of Art & Design, NY

Exhibition catalogue | Fragile Reality | Eretz Israel Museum | Ramat Aviv | Israel | 2007 | published by Eretz Israel Museum, IL

Exhibition catalogue | this is not a love song – Israel/Palestine | Kunstverein Via 113 | Germany | 2003 | published by Daniel Schuerer

Exhibition catalogue | Bernadin de Neeveprijs | Museum Jan van der Togt | Amsterlveen | NL | 2002 | published by Museum Jan van der Togt

Exhibition catalogue | Future-Israeli Artists in the Netherlands | Pulchri Studio | Den Haag | NL | 2002 | published by Pulchri Studio

video links

gallery talk at Erets Israel Museum, Israel ,Dec 2013 

American University Museum , Washington , DC, USA, Jan 2013 

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