Red Everlasting, Solo exhibition at Stavangard light house, Norway, 2008-Eretz Israel Museum, Israel 2013

 press release by Henreitta Eliezer Brunner, curator of the Glass Pavilion, Eretz Israel Museum, Israel Dam_intro_Eng_c

Gallery Talk , Eretz Isreal Museum, Dec 2013

catalog Mantis Relgiosa- the series Red Everlasting is featured on page 45 onward

The text fragments originate from Israeli newspapers and refer to the domestic political situation, for instance to an averted suicide attack in 2003 and to the Second Lebanon War of 2006-08. The texts were traced by the artist onto handkerchiefs in Hebrew or Arabic script and then converted into embroideries by a group of women from the Norwegian island of Utsira:

Kari Skaren, Kari Johannesen ,Rediun Kvassheim, Kathrine Klovning, Karen Marie Stokka, Guro Eek, Hildegunn Eek and Laila Rasmussen, Bjørgunn Ravndal , Mathilde Grimsby