schloss pluschow , mecklenburg, germany

artist residency 14 seop-30 sep and exhibition 30 sep- 14 october, 2017 at schloss pluschow , mecklenbuerg, germany 

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The herbarium is used as a mean to document, preserve and define local flora. It can be viewed as a part of a colonialist act of appropriation and occupation. In my work at schloss plüschow I choose to create herbarium sheets, as a mean to document the deterioration process in the country I live in-Israel, next to 'documanting' and 'preserving' local flora, using paper tape cuts.

Part of the herbarium sheet, originally used for documenting and defining the plants, is used to quote newspaper cuts, describing events such as discrimination, racism and violence in daily life, as they reflect from the opening pages of Haaretz newspaper, between august 4 to September 7, 2017.

The work is presented in Germany, so that the text it self, for which I use Hebrew letter sets, becomes a visual element implanted in the work. Its meaning is not understood at first view. After reading the translation and understanding the context of the text, the void between beauty and ugliness, as it reflects from the text, is deciphered.

Creating the herbarium sheets is part of my on going art work, in which I combine social political events from the written and spoken media, with images of flora and Fiona, created in a variety of techniques. These works echo the declining of society into violence and racism, as part of the destructive process of Israel's occupation in the territories

Another body of work presented in the exhibition is 'crown of creation'. It comes from my need to deal with the complexity of motherhood .I am examining the phrase ' crown of creation', used in Hebrew to describe the most precious thing, with local elements such as needles of pine tree, and materials such as glass, Japanese paper, embroidery thread and more.

During my working process at schloss plüschow I created a vocabulary of forms , used in the two bodies of works and combining between them.

Schloss plüschow

September 2017