Tangle solo exhibiton

Tangle solo exhibition, Bulb exhibition and residency space, curator and artistic director Roi Carmeli, 29 April-28 May 2022

“Violent, rude, aggressive texts… they stand, as a mirror image, in total contradiction to the tenderness of glass, its fragility, the gentleness required to stabilize it… this position, of rudeness as opposed to gentleness, charges both the text and the glass works with additional meaning” (Elli Eliyahu, poet)

Quotes in the work : –"And nature? It is also clear to all, all nature, the wide, visible nature, which is spread before all is to man exactly what water is to fish and what air is to every living thing on earth? .. Man and NatureA. D. Gordon. Publisher: The Zionist Library, 1951 -“It’s worth killing all the people who may become terrorists” from the series True Time |The last hill, Avraham Shapira, Channel 11,19 Dec 2017

a collabiraitoan in the exhibition space : Choreography by Maya Stern, Sound and instrument Roi Carmeli Tangle exhibition preformance – YouTube

a collabiraition in the exhibition space with Dr. Guy Dubious (11) מופע סאונד גיא דוביוס בתערוכה סבך של דפנה קפמן – YouTube